Timber Grapples

Location: Richards Bay, South Africa
Condition: New

Robust and Reliable – Built to Last

Heavy duty, innovative, proven designs manufactured using robust high strength materials for longer service life and minimum down time.

Designed for harsh African conditions, we produce a wide range of timber grapples, offering you alternatives to best meet your specific needs at competitive prices.We offer various grapple design configuration options to suit different rotator models.

Some of the features our grapple models include:

  • Heavy duty oversized chrome pins and perforated ceramic coated steel bushes for longer life.
  • Optimal tine geometry design enhancing efficiency and productivity
  • Wear resistant grab tines made of high strength steel.
  • Line bored to ensure reliable interchangeability of pivoting components.

Models available:

  • 36LX (0.35 m2) and 42LX (0.41 m2) – for tri-wheelers, tractor-trailer and truck mounted cranes
  • MT 500 (0.5 m2), MT 600 (0.6 m2), MT 800 (0.8 m2) and MT 1800 (1.8 m2) – for excavators and large knuckleboom cranes

Timber grapple spec sheet

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