EWD - Esterer Bandsaw headrig

Price: On Request Excl. VAT (Used)

Location: Weza, South Africa
Condition: Used

Main motor power 75kW, Speed 1485 rpm
The installation is equipped for full taper sawing of log lengths from 2,4 – 4,8m and the maximum diameter of 1000mm.
Log Carriage – EW1000
- No of head/knee blocks: 3
- Carriage opening: Max 1000mm
- Vertical opening of dogs: Max 900mm
- Distance from 1st to 3rd knee: 3500mm
- Carriage length: 5000mm
- Appr log length: 2,4 – 4,8m
- Appr log dia: Max 1000mm
- Track width: 1300mm

Log Bandsaw – EBB1600
Vertical Type, left hand
- Wheel dia: 1600mm, - Rim width: 190mm, - Max sawblade width: 206mm
- Drive power for main motor: 90kW
- Tilting of upper band wheel with electric motors (0,37kW), remote control.
- Blade tension with automatic adjustment.
- Blade guide with hydraulic attachment.
- Cleaning of band and wheels with scraper and a fluid.
- Wheels are made of nodular cast iron, rigidity = 650 N/mm2.
- The wheels are precision-ground and statically and dynamically balanced.
- The bottom band wheel has a much higher momentum than the top one.
- The inclination of the top band wheel is adjustable.
- The wheel supported from the single column utilizes the ‘dead arbor’ principle. Saw strain is directly transferred to the machine frame.
- Upper wheel:
o 2 self-aligning roller bearings, FAG. The upper wheel is held by a rocker assembly, moving on a hard-chrome plated round guide of 200mm diameter.
- Bottom wheel:
o 2 self-aligning roller bearings, FAG, on the wheel side, 1 self-aligning bearing with taper lock on the pulley side.

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