Wall Saw

Location: Durban, South Africa
Condition: New

Product: Wall Saw
: Bala
DPM 21 - 41

  • Bala Makina Vertical Wall Saws
  • Various models to select from
  • When you have large panels to cut and it is too hard to do on the dimensional saw then the Vertical wall saw is the way to go.
  • MDF,Plastic,Sign Board, Alucabond, Alumiumn


  • Main Blade with scorer for quality cut edges
  • 1 piece main frame for stability
  • Large frame size for 1860×3660 panels
  • Automatic moving grid so no cutting into back panels
  • Extraction built in frame and ducted to central pick up
  • Roller on the base to enable easy movement of large panels
  • Standard machine stock excludes the digital read out.


  • Vertical cut : 1860mm
  • Horizontal cut with blade at 90 Degrees : 1860mm
  • Horizontal Cut (Bed Length) : 4100mm

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